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CD-ROM Business Cards

What exactly is a CD-ROM Business Card?
A CD Business Card is nothing more than a standard CD-ROM (or CD-R) in the shape of a business card. This can be accomplished through a number of means. One method is to cut two sides a standard 180mb Mini-Disk. This creates a rounded rectangle with capacities dependent on the amount of disk removed when cutting the "flats" of the rectangle. The other method is moulding a CD-ROM to the specific size desired.

How can it work?
Unlike LP records which play from the outside-in, CD's play from the inside-out. Therefore it does not matter what the size or shape of the CD is as long as there is concentric data area available after the cut.

What exactly is a Shaped CD Card?
Shaped CD-ROM's are simply a full size or mini-disk which is milled down to a specific shape. The capacities of the cards are dependent on the shape chosen. After the cards have been made if a "full size" format and printed, they are aligned and through the use of a guide or a computerized cutting head, cut to the desired shape. This success of this format is heavily dependent on the balance of the design. Music is much more forgiving than data. When placing data on a shape CD, it is recommended that it be in a smaller format and consist of a balanced (concentric) shape. An example of this would be a square or sprocket.

How has it been used?
The uses to date are endless. Here is a list of those that come to mind. It is by no means all inclusive.
Business cards, e-brochure, website, product launch, resume, medical records, sweepstakes token, event ticket, music promo, music single, music demo, movie trailer, commercial, house tour, press kit, database, employee hand book, area guide, restaurant guide, trial software, full software, phone card, gift card, prepaid card, discount card, portfolio, slide show.

Is there a standard size?
There is only one semi standard size at this point for CD business cards and that applies to the "rounded rectangle" shaped cards. It is the dimension of 80mm which is the outer diameter of a standard mini-disk. If you open your CD tray, you will see a depression with a diameter of about 1/3 smaller than a standard CD-ROM. That is the location where mini disks are meant to play.

What kind of content can be placed on the cards?
Anything that can be placed on a CD-ROM, Floppy or ZIP disk can be placed on a CD-ROM Business Card. If you have a video, it can be compressed and placed on a card. The same goes for a website. (See web based disks) If you want to install software, format the disk as you would any standard CD. Programs like Macromedia Flash, Director, acrobat files, PowerPoint files are the most popular software's and files used.

Can I put PowerPoint presentation on the cards?
A PowerPoint presentation can be placed on the CD-ROM Business Cards along with a generic PowerPoint viewer. However, if you wish to use PowerPoint 2000, be warned that the viewer has not yet been updated and may not support the features that your require.

How long until I get my Cards after I place an order?
The standard turn time is 14-21 days.

How do I put my website on a
CD-ROM Business Card?

The simplest way to do this is to first make sure that your filenames are in the maximum 8-3 format to make your card as compatible as possible. Example: 1.htm up to 12345678.htm. Of course any legal character can be substituted for the numbers. Then use your preferred CD authoring software to add your content to your CD. Note that you can add images and files of any size because there is not any download time. It is kind of a dream web where everyone has a T-1 line.
(a T-1 is a high speed/capacity data/phone line)

How can I get a program to

An auto run consists of an autorun.inf file and an executable file (.exe). When a CD-ROM is inserted in a users drive, the windows operating system looks for the autorun.inf file. It then runs that file. That file (in most cases) points to an .exe file containing installation, playback, configuration, menu or other types of instructions. Programs are available to help you create these.

What is a "Glass Master"
A glass master is a master CD-ROM that is used to create all copies of your data. It is required for CD-ROM Duplication. It consists of a glass disc which is burned with a laser to create the peaks and valleys that make a CD-ROM readable.

How can I create my own CD-ROM Business Cards using a CD burner?
Make sure that the recording speed matches the media! There are CD-R Business cards available in many capacities and speeds. 8x is the most common. You can record a CD-R card using the same procedures that you would use for a full size CD-R.

How do I create label-
(face graphic) artwork?

You can create artwork from a supplied shape template or create your own abstract shape. Graphics programs such as Adobe illustrator or Photoshop are the most common formats. Consult with us for specifications.

What is CYMK?
CMYK is a standard for four color printing. Color is attained by layers of :
(C) Cyan, (M) Magenta, (Y) Yellow, and (K) Black.

What about CD-R labels?
This can be accomplished in a few ways. You can purchase CD-R card labels and print and apply them yourself, (the fastest and most economical) purchase printable cards and a dedicated CD-ROM Printer, or if you have the need, custom silk screen or offset printing is available for large quantities.


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